1D Porn Look-alikes

Anonymous asked: "Can you give me the link to visual imagines, if you have any?"

I have preferences http://cheeky-preferences.tumblr.com/ , I write one shots sometimes on 1dsexualfrustration if you want those links feel free to ask :p xx

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1 shots

Hey, I’m in a writing mood so if anyone has any ideas for visual sexual one shots please send me your ideas by messaging me! They will be on 1dsexulfrus…. 

Thanks xoxox

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Anonymous asked: "Hey can you post more videos of Harry please? Your blog omgg it's amazing"

I will when i find them. Thanks xx

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Anonymous asked: "Do you do gay 1D?"


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Anonymous asked: "cuando bajaran mas gifs? when you come down more gifs?"

Que lo haré cuando me encontrar más! xx

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Anonymous asked: "I masturbate to these gifs. Juss' sayin xD but omg seriously I'm obsessed with your blog."

HAHAHA thanks!! xx

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Anonymous asked: "hey....I don't know if you started on tumblr but how do you turn the pages on you blog? Or is it just one page of stuff that you post or is it just I m a noob"

There is a red arrow on the left of the page on the big red long box.

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